Anal Bleaching Lightening and Whitening

30th June 2015

What is Anal Bleaching and whitening?

Anal bleaching is a beauty trend, in which females and males choose to lighten the skin pigmentation around the anus where usually the skin can be dark. People choose to do this to achieve a more even skin tone and to lighten the dark patches, typically for glamour purposes, and to feel more confident. Usually this would be achieved by applying different products which include lightening agents or ingredients. There are also stronger products available on the market like bleach for the anus. Doing this from home and ordering the products online is becoming more and more popular, people tend to feel more embarrassed going into a salon to inquire about the right creams. Lots of people feel much more confident researching Anal Bleaching and whitening online.

Why would people bleach their Anus?

Anal bleaching is becoming increasingly popular, since the procedure was documented in the media and caused a surge in the amount of males and females wanting to lighten the skin around their anus. The reasons people choose Anal whitening vary, some to feel more confident sexually, some for glamour purposes and wearing thongs, g-strings or even smaller bikini bottoms, and some people just for good self-care. There are many reasons dark skin around the anus occurs, after pregnancy, increases in melanin or wearing tight thongs, g-strings and clothes and improper skin care.

What are the risks involved when Bleaching or whitening your Anus?

This all depends on the treatment or product you have chosen. Proper research of the different, creams, soaps, serums, bleaches and whitening agents is a must. Providing you have chose recommended products with the right ingredients, anal whitening is completely safe. Of course there are many bad products out there that could be harmful for your skin, especially so in more sensitive areas like around the anal passage.

How long will it take for me to Lighten the skin around my anus?

Again this would all depend on the product you choose and it’s strength. Other factors to be taken into consideration is how dark the skin already is, ethnicity, skin type and if you consistently use the bleaching cream. Usually with a medium strength bleaching cream it would take between 12 – 16 weeks to see some good results providing you apply daily.

Where can I buy safe Anal Bleaching Products for home use?

Luckily for you we have already researched what the best, most effective and safest anal bleaching and whitening products are on the market. Our favorite 3 are as follows.

1.Healthy Vibes Vibrant Bright Intimate Skin Lightening Cream.

2.XR Brands Anal Bleach.

3.Pink Privates Intimate Area Lightening Cream.

Where can I go to get anal whitening and bleaching done for me?

If you are confident enough, and do not get embarrassed easily many salons are now offering this treatment. It does however involve removing your pants and exposing your anus to a beautician or aesthetician. It can also be rather costly and you will need to have quite a few sessions to see any good results. Always check what product the salon are using and ask for the ingredients as it could contain hydroquinone which can be a carcinogen.

Are there cosmetic procedures available?

Yes there is a new procedure available, it’s called laser anal bleaching and is performed in sessions. Usually the laser sessions last around 45 minutes and is carried out while you are under a local anesthetic. This however can be costly and takes a few sessions for results.