Exfoliation to Help Lighten the Skin Around the Armpits and Underarms

27th June 2015

Dark armpits are often caused by the buildup of skin debris and dead cells that accumulate naturally over time. This problem is often made worse in people who shave their armpits regularly as this can irritate the many delicate layers of the skin even further. 

However, the problem can also be easily resolved using common exfoliation products, which can quickly remove the problematic residue and help your skin to regain its natural white presence. Without a bundle of debris and dead cells in the way, your healthy skin cells will be able to regrow and regenerate once again, restoring its healthy look. Therefore, exfoliation is one of the most powerful underarm lightening techniques you can use.   

Effective Armpit & Underarm Skin Whitening Using Exfoliating and Bleaching Products 

Effective armpit whitening often requires the use of both “peelings” and “bleaching” in order to lighten the skin around your armpits. There are many products now out in the market that contains just the appropriate ingredients to take care of both issues at once. 

Peeling is the most important part of any underarm lightening regimen as it primes the skin in preparation for bleaching, by removing dead skin cells and opening up any obstructed pores. This form of exfoliation may often be the only thing you’ll ever have to do to in order to effectively lighten up your armpits. Dermatologists often recommend that peeling always be performed first before moving on to bleaching. Your local drugstore will no doubt have many exfoliating products available, many of which are even specifically geared towards armpit whitening. 

Exfoliating the skin inhibits the production of melanin by your skin, effectively preventing the darkening from occurring. Always apply the exfoliant using gentle, circular motions in order to eliminate dead skin cells. Some people also get into the habit of exfoliating after their everyday bath for maximum efficacy. This will also ensure that you remember use this armpit whitening treatment at least once daily. 

As mentioned above, bleaching is most effective after the skin if it is first exfoliated with the use of skin creams designed to exfoliate your skin. Bleaching can then quickly aid in your underarm lightening efforts by making the skin whiter. There are powerful products that use ingredients such as hydroquinone, glutathione, linoleic acid and retinoids to whiten your skin effectively every time. Simply use them once a day before going to sleep for maximum efficacy or follow the instructions found on the labels. 

Natural Exfoliation For Your Skin 

If you are interested in using solely natural, home-remedies as armpit whitening techniques, take note that the top natural exfoliants for your skin are baking soda and orange peels. Baking soda is a powerful scrubber and should only be used once a week if you have very sensitive skin, while orange peels can by used daily but require a little more preparation as they first have to be ground up and dried.