Different Oil Remedies for Dark Skin & Underarms

27th June 2015

There are tens of thousands of people from all walks of life who feel embarrassed by their dark armpits and feel that there is nothing they can do about it. The time has come for you to stop feeling ashamed for having dark armpits and to give several oil-based, armpit-whitening techniques a try.  The curative powers of certain oils may not only combat problems with excessive perspiration and unpleasant odors, but can also help you to get rid of dark armpits swiftly – once and for all. 

Perhaps you have already given many underarm lightening creams or lotions a try in the past only to get the same results day in and day out. The fact is that many of these commercial products were never really designed to treat your condition in the first place. Many of these products come with very harsh chemicals that promise to help you restore a healthy and natural look to your skin, but few actually do a good job in whitening the dark patches found in your underarm area. 

Thankfully, there are now many natural home remedies for armpit whitening you can use instead that are far more effective and don’t come with any side effects! 

 Skin Whitening: Bad Oil Remedies vs. Good Oil Remedies 

Everyone knows that there are good oils and bad oils when it comes to ingesting food, and the same holds true when it comes to finding the ideal armpit whitening remedy for you. For example, you’ll want to avoid any products made from mineral oil as they stops the skin from breathing naturally, while slowing down cell regeneration and breaking down collagen as well as connective tissue. 

Healthy oils can remove harmful toxins and dirt from your skin, while serving as very effective underarm lightening remedies. The best oil is coconut oil, which is very rich in vitamin E. It is precisely this vitamin that has armpit whitening properties and should be included in any armpit-whitening system. Other oils that can effectively nourish the skin and prevent further breakouts of dark armpits include olive oil, jojoba oil, citrus oil and wheat germ oil. They can be readily applied to any affected area to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth. 

The use of oils can keep your skin healthy and smooth, lessening the chances of dark armpits from occurring again at some point in the future. Simply mix them together at will and apply them liberally at any point throughout the day to reap the many moisturizing and protecting benefits that they can provide your underarms. They are also an excellent choice to prevent your skin from becoming overly irritated in case you make extensive use of shaving or waxing, which as we know today are one of the primary reasons that armpits become dark in the first place.